WIP: UNCONTAINED - Virtual Reality Horror with a twist

UNCONTAINED - VR Horror with a twist

today I’m happy to show you the the project our small team has been working on recently: Uncontained, a WIP VR Horror Game with innovative movement: The Player is bound to a wheelchair.
Armed with only a Flashlight, he needs to navigate his way out of the mysterious facility he finds himself trapped in… but he needs to be careful; he might not be alone.

This is the core premise of Uncontained.

The wheelchair mechanic open up interesting gameplay possibilities. To move, the Player will have to use his motion controllers to simulate the way you actually navigate in a wheelchair. In a dark environment, the Player will need to switch between using his flashlight (seeing things) and moving around. We’ve got *a basic version of the wheelchair mobility code *which is working pretty good and are now building the game around this mechanic.

The main goal of this Thread is not to advertise the game since it’s in a very early stage right now. We are simply building a foundation for us to share our ideas with other Players and Developers to get suggestions, feedback and tips for the project. This Thread will be completely honest, highlighting our progress as well as our mistakes. We have worked on smaller projects before, but this is our first attempt at making a completely serious game. So even if a lot of big indie projects get cancelled within the first few months of development, we will certainly try our best. Anyway, we hope this project will be an interesting learning experience for everyone, and maybe we’ll even manage to make a terrifying game in the process! :wink:
We’ll try to update this page every week with the latest progress. Once we have a playable demo, we will temporarily release it for free so you can jump in and give it a try.
Any Feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Our Team currently consists of: Linus Walden (me! ^^) - Gameplay Dev / Designer, Basic 3D-Modelling
Michael Fry - Animations / Rigging, 3D-Artist, Prop Artist
Leo Fry - Sound / Foley Artist

Here are some WIP screenshots:
Our Very Own Monster… Not the Antagonist though? (Textures Pending)


Props for our Environment (More coming soon):

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