[WIP] Two HTML5 test projects

The Tilttable HTML5 Example is a simple tiltboard game with three boards the controls for the game are shown when the game starts

The Domino level HTML5 Example is a simple physics playground use a ball to make the domino’s fall controls are left and right click mouse with WASD

Neither project has sound yet

UE4 HTML5 is still new and im still learning how to make projects work well with HTML5

HTML5 (64bit browser and WEBGL Required)

Click link or on picture to try out the Tilttable HTML5 Example
Tilttable HTML5 Example

Click link or on picture to try out the Domino level HTML5 Example
Domino level HTML5 Example

if you want to see other tech demos that i have done
Other Tech demos

Hey games look cool. I was wondering is there a way to get past load time for html5 games. Or it is what it is for now?

Both test games are about 85 meg so it could be that in the future i could optimize them to be lower thus speeding up the download process.

as for the processing and the running time im still learning HTML5 with UE4 so i don’t have an answer as to how best speed that process up.

Thanks for taken a look at them.

Here is an example of fast download quick process time HTML5 demo its the tappy chicken