[WIP] Trying to make a Most Wanted Style Car Game

This is an early game in development. Your Feedback is highly appreciated. This is our first 3D game project.

Growing up, we enjoyed games like NFS II SE , NFS4HS, NFS Most Wanted , Driver 1, Screamer 4x4 and thought why not we give it a go. We purchased a few assets to jumpstart development.
Read the vehicle documentation + the youtube video and some tutorials and here is the result.

[video]UE4 Vehicle Test 4 - YouTube
[video]UE4 Vehicle Test 3 - YouTube

We are making a map then use barricades and blocks to isolate parts of it to make racing tracks.

We are a very small team of 3 working as a local software developer (QT, C++), making small ERPs in Bangladesh.
We are getting the assets/vehicles done from friends who are architects and knows his/her way around 3D, same with sound.
Saving up cash from work to spend on game development (hardware, 3D models, sound). Its like a dream.

Have some experience in 3D design using C4D and basic C++.

I love the old school NFS games as well! Can’t wait to see more as your team progresses.