WIP - Town House Project

Hello guys,

I’m developing an interactive architectual visualization for our client. I used UE4Arch lighting technique and this is my result:

Can you give me some feedback or some advice for improvements for the lighting?

Thx in advance and thx to this awesome archviz community, I’ve learnt alot from you guys!

EDIT: Here is my final result

Looks very good to me. Good textures and good lighting, even tho we don’t see much of the scene because we only have 3 screens!
Nice to see people doing commercial jobs with Unreal!!!

The first two are awesome! The third one needs some work.
There’s something “off” with your curtains. They don’t have enough detail. And the TV and speakers look too game-like for me. In fact, something is off with the lighting of that scene entirely.
The TV doesn’t have a border. It’s just a black plane in the wall? I think the entertainment unit needs to be a different colour. It seems to be fighting with the white colour of the wall behind it. The floor, shelving and bricks all look very nice.

Hey , good job so far! whats your lighting setup?

Here is my final result:

I added some artificial lights (spot lights) to the scene and activated auto exposure in my render settings. I lowered intensities of my directional and skylight and tweaked the post processing settings.

Static Lighting Level Scale = 0.2
Num Indirect Lighting = 20
Indirect Lighting Quality = 1 (because I use UE 4.11 Preview 6)


Build in “Medium” quality

Skylight settings
Lower Hemisphere = true
Intensity = 2
Light Color = 200/211/255

Directional light settings
Intesity = 2
Temparature = 4500

Post Processiong Volume settings
Fringe Intensity = 0.1
Vignette Intensity = 0.1
Grain Jitter = 0.1
Grain Intensity = 0.1
Bloom Intensity = 0.3
Lens Flare Intensity = 0.1
Ambient Occulsion Intensity = 0.4
Ambient Occulsion Radius = 14
Ambient Occlusion Power = 1
Ambient Occusion Quality = 100
Screen Space Reflections Quality = 100
[font=-apple-system,Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,sans-serif]Screen Space Reflections Max Roughness = 1
Screenspace Reflection Quality = 100

I’ve learnt to get a right light balance first before tweaking the brightness of the scene with auto exposure.