[WIP][Total Conversion] Ark Realism/Sustainable Life Project

So here goes,

Working on a project now for almost a month. The project will consist of:

Player Level Cap 250 with correct ramp.
Engrams to level 250 with correct ramps.
Dinos Level Cap to level 250 with correct ramps.
15 new Primal Resources with uses.
New Lumber Mill(No Spoilers)
Pipe Factory(No Spoilers)
Blueprint rarity increased exponentially.

Not Implemented Yet:
Dino Pack Spawning.(Dinos can spawn in packs for certain species.)
Different Classes For Players to distribute Engrams. (No one knows everything.)
Dino AI. Progressively Harder with Difficulty Offset. And Pathing so they don’t get stuck. maybe a backup option to unstick themselves.
Newer Textures for some in game items.
Village with NPCs(Possibly if time allows.)
and more.

The Conversion Part is it will still be a survival game but more based on the sandbox part of the game. Will get some pictures and videos up soon. and try to keep this updated.