[WIP] Tiki Galore! Abyss Studios

Just wanted to show off some screens and gameplay of a game we are working “Tiki Galore!”

So the basic game play right now is to collect the most shrunken heads before the time runs out!

  • as your tiki guy you can stab and throw spears to kill your buddies and steal the heads that they have picked up
  • you can also run faster and jump hire using stamina the regenerates when you are at rest
  • over all though the person who finishes the game with the most shrunken heads wins


Things that are going to be worked on!
-Menu system with UMG
-Fixing some bugs (-head pickup have stopped re-appearing for client, - cant run faster with stamina as the client, - sometimes you don’t respawn)
-Finish the Jungle temple level(Create details, land scape background, rework skybox, finish up caves, and tighten overall color palette)
-rework the look of the shrunken heads and how the react to being picked up( some sort of FX and better sounds) It needs to feel more gratifying
Stretch additions

  • changing the look of the players tiki
  • creating traps that can be up by players within the level to kill other tiki’s and steal there shrunken heads

Hope you guys like it so far!

Howdy HughieDM,

Great job so far on your project! This seems like it would be a blast to play with a group of friends. Be sure to keep us updated as your progress along in the development of Tiki Galore!

Have a great day!

Looks great, seems like you have it very well thought out.

Very interesting concept. I’m really liking the art style. Looking forward to seeing more.

Nice, reminds me Crash Bandicoot.

Was gonna say the same thing actually. Really neat art style.

Nice, love the lighting on the forrest

Hey! I heard Epic Games picked Tiki Galore to be displayed at their exhibition stand in London at EGX! Congratulations! Let us know how it goes!

Hey thanks, everyone! will be posting more soon!

Great to see this running at the show, grats on the showcase!
Looked awesome.

Wow it has been too long since I last Up dated this! Here we go!

We have changed alot since I last updated this!


There is New Branding!

Also We have start menus!



In game menus and a new Hud(still a work in progress but the eyes of the timer pulse)



Character Customization that replicates at the start of any game mode in any level!


New Tiki Man Mesh for customization!
-better more detailed texturing and rebuilt for some new animations to be in soon!
-cloth physics skirt!
-Better rag doll!


-At the end of a game we cannot move to a new level without losing all the clients with servertravel. They crash back out to the MainMenu level and cannot join any games unless they leave and restart Tiki Galore.
-Currently we spawn the thrown spear base on the camera so the spear always goes to the location of the reticle, but if you strafe right now with the current movement setup some times the spear spawns with a slight rotation in the direction of the strafe.

Things to add!
-Team Game mode
-Levels! One more or two if we can
-More Tiki customization options
-Better and more sound FX and music for the main menu
-New shrunken heads
-Lobby system for before a match starts
-Better spectator system
-weapon specials using heads
-traps that can be set using heads
-Speacials that enhances the Tiki for heads
-More exciting VFX to enhance the visuals

We also just revamped our websites! We also just launched on steam greenlight and would really appreciate a vote!

Hope you all like what we have done so far!

We’re also live on Steam Greenlight! For anyone that has a Steam account and is able to vote , head over to…/filedetails/…/442312206