[WIP Thread] - Low Poly Ancient Pack

After a long time of thinking and chilling im back on making a new low poly props pack.

This package is called Low Poly Ancient Pack and will present (for now at least) only Weapons (but i do plan to add Helmets and siege weapons) from the Ancient to the Classical period.

The package will contain weapons of the following nations: Rome (Republic and Empire Era), Various Greek cities (Macedonia, Sparta, Athena), Various Middle Eastern nations (Persia, Assyrian, Egypt).
The pack is in a very early development phase so i would add more and more details in the near future.

In this WIP thread i will share with you the development of the pack.
The pack is going to be sell on the UE4 Marketplace and on for the price of 5/10$

if you have any request for a specific weapon you want me to add, tell me in comments and i’ll probably add it!

Roman Scutum Shield with a dynamic symbols instance

The Instance Material allows you to dynamically change the color and the symbols on the shield.

Finished with the Swords and Sheaths