[WIP Thread] - Free Shooter Template

Hello everyone!

I am working on a 1st/3rd person shooter template that will be released for free on the UE4 marketplace.

When I first started learning Unreal, the built-in template projects were great to get me started. A combination of the template projects and YouTube allowed me to understand implementing simple features, but I didn’t know how to implement anything complex, let alone design it properly. After many months of personal projects and formal computer science education, I improved dramatically.

Now I would like to give back!

I am creating a shooter template that includes all the elements you would want to get started designing your game; or that can be used as the next step of learning after exploring template projects. This means best practices such as object pooling, event-driven design, features like proper game-pad input handling, saving/loading profiles, local split-screen, network replication, and of course, all of the basic stuff you would expect in a proper template, abilities, health system, ammo system, AI, etc. I am also working with some friends on accessibility settings for those who are colorblind!

Everything will be done in Blueprints, clearly commented and what not. I will attach two PDFs inside the project, one will be the technical documentation more suited for developers, the other a learning guide more suited for beginners.

I will be releasing an alpha in about 2 weeks, with the marketplace submission to follow around 2 weeks afterwards!

Let me know what you would like to see in this project!

Que gusto que realices tu primer juego Nick Byers te deseo suerte en ello, y me gustaria ver tu proyecto, si es un shother apuesto a que es genial!!

Hey Nick,

Cool project - really happy to see other community members giving back :). Make sure you post on the Community Content section of the forums once you have something people can download and test.


yes please, looking for this !