[WIP] The Hum, Alien Invasion - Updates

Hey everyone!

I want to share with you some updates of The Hum: a short video and a few screenshots.

Also, I’m planning to make a video dev blog sharing UE4 Development Details and ZBrush, Quixel, etc process details.

I was just thinking about this game the other day. The new video and screenshots are fantastic. The last moment in the video is utterly frightening. I cannot wait to play this game

Thanks Hyperion74!

Looking good! I will definitely try it out once it is released. I do have a question though. Is the city able to be explored, like an open-world type of thing? Thanks and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Hey , thanks ^^

Yes, you will can explore the city, but, by the moment, it will be limited to maybe 4-5 blocks. I prefer to have a detailed enviroment and well designed, in order to improve the experiencie and narrative

Nice work in creating a convincing creepy alien abduction game.

Looks great! But in English slang Hum means smell so when I first looked at it I thought: “The Smell?” Eww :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m glad your project blew me away! No smells here! Best of luck!

I really want to play this game :slight_smile: Between the gorgeous streetlights and the creepy atmosphere I think you’re really onto something great here.

When your character started crossing the street I was like “Nooooo!”!