[WIP] The Craft-Trades Mod [Contest Entry]


Hello Everyone

My name is EpicEssa also know as Crafting Cookie and for the last 4 weeks i have been working on a mod for the “Ark Modding Contest” And i have final got it into a working version so i am releasing it to the public.
I hope you Like it :smiley:

Description Of Mod

My mod adds a whole NEW missing feature to the game “Trading” it adds a brand new structure called The Trading Market (found at top of engram list) once you have this structure you can simply craft adn place it when placed it can not do anything until you get the 2 other engrams “Wood , Thatch” in simple i have given these items engrams and a Crafting Recipe you can then go into my new structure and trade Thatch For Wood or Wood For Thatch (planning to add more tradebles soon :D) some example of the need fo this are as follows

“You are making a giant Wooden Base and walls cost 80 Wood Per Wall, with my trading mod you can trade 2 thatch for 1 wood so instead of collecting wood collect 160 thatch and you can trade that in for wood easy as that, your base will be built in no time”

there are other ways this mod can come in use ill be adding more “Situations” like above later on

Planned Features

Add a new trade-able : Berries For Cooked Meat , Cooked Meat For Berries

Add a new trade-able : Wood For Stone

Add a new trade-able : Armour Trades - 3xCloth for Hide Example : 3 Cloth Helmets can be traded for 1 Hide Helmet)

Add a new trade-able : Armour Trades - 5xHide for Chitin Example : 5 Hide Helmets can be traded for 1 Chitin

Add a new trade-able : Armour Trades - 10x Chitin for Flax Example : 10 Chitin Helmets can be traded for 1 flax Helmet)

Possible Idea of giving Better Then Premative Items And Armour

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Bugs Know

Sometimes Game Crashes when trading (due to wood and thatch not usually having a engram)

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Just Updated :
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