[WIP] The Catiline Conspiracy - An Unreal Cinematic Series

Hi guys I figured this of course would be one of the best places to post my progress. Ive been working on a pretty big project for the last couple of months Im calling the “The Catiline Conspiracy” Its going to be a cinematic series based off the actual second Catilinarian conspiracy in Roman history. Ive finished making the script and storyboards and have moved on to what im calling the “whitebox phase” basically for right now im whiteboxing all the scenes where i’ll make the mock episode before making the final models and textures and lighting as well. So I know its not much too look at right now in terms of the environment work obviously but I figured it would still be cool to share the progress nonetheless you know what they say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Let me know what you think guys :slight_smile: I would love to hear your feedback.

Here are some renders too of the first character ive been working on as well. Aurelia the wife of Catiline who will play a huge role in the series. Cant wait to get to the low poly phase for her and get her in engine.

So yeah just some of my progress so far :slight_smile: look forward to sharing more with you! Pretty excited about this project again let me know what you think :slight_smile: #Whatistheconspiracy

That sculpt is looking really good man!

wow those really nice man, Keep it up hope it see more :open_mouth:

Ill be watching this develop with great interest!

Fantastic work so far mate, well done.

Cant wait for you next update.

Dat Skin texture :3 a little bit like rubber… but female.

If your models were real they would mutter about the lighting being unkind :slight_smile:
Otherwise awesome work, keep pushing forward.

Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback and kind words, im glad the project is drumming up some interest :smiley: Here is the next set in the pilot episode the bedroom scene. This was fun especially trying to get the city scale outside the window right, I know it still needs work but I think im getting the hang of it. Hope you guys like it!


Hey guys just dropping by to show off some more progress of the project from the whitebox phase this is just an establishing shot before the senate scene of the episode. Trying to make the senate building look a bit more epic and grand than its real world counterpart. It is the seat of Roman power you know :wink: Hope you guys like it of course if you have any suggestions or comments let me know!

This project sounds really inriguing and what you’ve shown so far looks cool, too. I am wondering about the bedroom interior, though… Some of that looks awfully modern (especially the shelves, the bed and the desk). Did ancient Roman bedrooms really look like that?

Hey glad you like the progress so far FrozenHarlequin Im actually really glad you brought up the question of the modern look. So For the project I wanted to make a bit of a new art style I like to call “Roman Contemporary” Where Im trying to have a nice mix of contemporary dress and furniture and architecture (minimalism and stuff like that) with the classic Roman look of the imperial arches and columns, dress, furniture etc. Of course the style will morph as the project goes on till I think I have that proper balance. A lot of the art style wont come together until I make the final assets but I know it will look badass when the time comes. :slight_smile:

Hey guys I know its been a little bit since the last update but the project is still going on! Here is the whitebox for the Interior of the Senate. We should also have rigs coming soon that I can show off so you can see who the mock characters will be. Hope you like it and thanks for the support of the work so far everyone! #Whatistheconspiracy