WIP-The Brood

Working on some vampiric characters and I’m considering putting them up on the marketplace. Anyway here’s a screen of them so far. Eventually there will be six Broodlings and a Master.

Good work, keep it up. I think till you can put them on the marketplace you should make some improvments and give further informations.

Did you model the characters byself in maya or are they generated in DAZ, makehuman or something similar?
Are they rigged and skinned compatible to the mannequin skeleton?

The hair of the left girl looking a little bit strange, also her right foot looks very big compared to the left foot.
it seems all three models have the same wrinkles at the forehead.

They were made in iClone. The girl on the left is mid movement and still working on the physics for her hair. Her feet look different sizes because of the perspective and she is in the middle of standing up from a kneeling position. As for the wrinkles on their foreheads, that is from the facial morphs (they are growling angrily) and their skin around their heads have a pattern. In regards to rigging, they have their own rigs and I’m working on getting animations done for them as a whole. Currently I have 30 animations planned out. These would include idles, walk, run, wall climbing, fighting, and death animations. These are close up pics of each character.