WIP- SuperXCM - Shaders/light

Hi everybody,

been working on so many different little thing, wouldn’t want to everytime to post a different thread, so I think about posting everything here.
Mainly looking on how the light and the shader works.

Here was first a test to check the glass material, wasn’t too much happy with distortion thingy as well as adding opaque dirt on it :

here is the material node if somebody is interested :


After that, I wanted to understand light and shader better so I picked a frame from a anime I love (Wonderful Days aka Sky Blue) and try to replicate it as well as adding some touch (better barrier, puddle of water) :


I was not so happy with metal material and reflection in general so I thought about doing something a little more complex for shader and try playing with car paint shader :


I want to keep exploring and understand the shaders and light relationship. I believe some stuff are still weird to me (especially reflections and refraction).

Hope to post a little every other day.

Any comment are welcome!


Hah, that BP pastebin tool better be coming soon :cool: Nice work, did you model that R8 yourself?

Thanks Bajee!
Oh no, I should have mentioned that; for the R8, I used to work in vfx for commercial and especially for cars, so I got lots and lots of 3D car model. Usually provided to me by clients. I wanted to test on a car, and it was the first one I pick from my library. :slight_smile: I re-did the shader and lights in UE4. As original shader where procedural vray shader.
And for the wonderful days, I modeled and textures myself, and used the pipe from the reflection demo for the side.
I mainly trying to understand the shader and lighting, and it’s not really convenient on primitive shapes. :confused:

Hello, your material looks awesome! Thanks for sharing it, I´m learning a lot from your nodes.

Wow, thanks for sharing. I think the glass looks great, I can see doing all sorts of frosted glass fx with this.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile: