[WIP] Super Mario Overworld Menu System

Hey there (:,

before i continue working on this, i wanted to know how many of you even want this.

Here is a video showcasing the current state:

(Note: The “lag” near the beginning when the Character moves right is not a lag, but the Teleport node. Could be used similar to the Pipes in Super Mario)

What does the project contain?

  • World Selection Level
  • 2 Low Poly designed overworlds, with all models, mats and textures
  • All Menus are made to work with Gamepads and Mouse/Keyboard
  • A Save and Load System that saves the Player progress and the Progress of each world and level
  • Level Nodes than can be easily placed and conncted to move like shown in the video
  • Special LevelNodes that allow you to link a real GamePlay level which is started by pressing SPACE or the lower face button of the gamepad
  • A really small test GamePlay level that shows how to use Extra Lifes and 3 different coins that the player can collect
  • Textures for the Buttons and Menus (not yet made)
  • Well organized and commentated blueprints (similar to my other Marketplace Project) and Tutorials Blueprints, explaining how to use this for your own games

I guess it will cost around ~15$ IF i release it.

Would be nice to get some positive critiques and feedback if you would want that.

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