[WIP] Sunset Ocean Vista Apartment

Hey all, here again with some more work that I’ve been doing over the past couple of months. This is one of the pieces I never really had time to complete, but hopefully I will be able to relatively soon. It’s a mix of modern/futuristic styles. I’m about halfway at the moment, still a lot of things I want to add to the scene to give it more detail. Currently using very basic materials for the architecture as well, not sure if I’ll change it or not. The screens are WIP, so still using preview lighting.

Hope to be able to make this scene into a video, as there are many animated materials (specifically the holographic interfaces) that I want to be able to show off. Let me know what you think of it so far. =)

Also, can someone let me know if the images are too dark? I don’t know if it’s just showing as such on my mac, or if it’s showing too light on my windows desktop.

Cool, colors and environment remind me deus ex 3 is that real-time lighting or baked lightmaps ??

Thanks. I was inspired by DX a bit for this, along with the song Petrichor by Koven. It is using lightmaps. =)

I love it! The brightness is fine in my opinion. Good art direction.

Thank you. =) Still plenty to do!

Awesome. Which I had architecture and visual quality like that in my projects :P.

Thanks Ray. =) Feel free to drop me a message if you ever want some work done, I’m available for freelance work at the moment.

I like the idea and vibe from this scene!

Actually yes, at my PC it looks REALLY way too dark

Thanks zeOrb! It’s strange, I get extreme dark and contrast on my mac but my other two PCs seem to be fine. The way it looks on my mac is horrible though, far from the intended look which is why I was wondering.

Really good colorusage, especially if you went for a deus ex look&feel. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rickard. Deus Ex was one of the sources of inspiration for this scene. The movie Sunshine, and the song Petrichor by Koven were others. Been slowly adding details to the scene. Can’t wait to be able to show the final product.

Very cool setting.
A bit darkish for some ppl, but i like it.

Thanks @Luftbauch! I was definitely going for a darkish tone. I’m really looking forward to finishing this someday. =)