[WIP] Stylized Fantasy Environment : Magical Campsite

This pack is a continuation of the Stylized Fantasy Environment series that began with this : PBR Handpainted Environment : Forest in Environments - UE Marketplace
This will be a pack focused around a campsite of a mystical caravan.
It will feature standard campsite fares such as tents, campfires,cooking equipment, food, as well as more mystical elements such as : caravan with interior, potions, magic cards, pillows, alchemy ingredients, scrolls, treasure chests and more.
The assets have been modelled and sculpted, all there is left to do is texturing.
I will be using this as a WIP to show the models that have been finished.

A sack with 3 texture variations: Base, Leather and Weave pattern.

Really excited for this and love the art style

Thanks! There are a lot more objects finished, but I haven’t had the time to take some photos and post them here. I’ll do that soon.

Hows the new pack going?

It’s almost done! Working on the demo scene right now

Oh yeah. Thats looking fantastic. Looking forward to getting my hand on it

Hopefully sometimes next week, though with the disruptions caused by the global pandemic, it might take a bit more.

PBR Handpainted Environment : Magical Campsite - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums