[WIP] Star Wars SpaceShip (Fanmade Project)

Hi everyone, i’m Adrian Moya and i will show you the progress of my project for my videogame art master at Universal Arts School (Spain, Valencia).

We have to create an environment for an existing videgame and i’ll represent a sith spaceship like the main spaceship of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

These are some of the screenshots of my Blocking:

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I still working with the exterior of the Spaceship:

I did a more detailed blocking of the structure (walls, floor and roof) at Maya and place it to Unreal to see how it looks.

Then i started with the modular system of the walls and some assets.
It’s not done yet, I have to do some different types of roof and floor with modular system.

Hi all!

This week i worked on the modular assets and build the structure of the interior with them:

And did some progress with the exterior of the spaceship:

This week i worked on the exterior of the spaceship:

The next steps are finish the low poly of the Ship adding more details