[WIP] Star Wars Fan Film


I just wanted to share some images of my current project. I wanna get deeper into the possibilities of film creation with UE4. I am a Star Wars Fan since my childhood… so my project needs to be related to this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s by far not finished… many models are just a placeholder. But anyway… Maybe some of you do have some good ideas to get the environment better :slight_smile: If you’ve got an idea, share it please! I appreciate every suggestion! :slight_smile:

The story will be about a jedi, who survived Order 66 and gets hunted by the clonetroopers (time is set shortly after the beginning of the jedi purge) and later on by Darth Vader himself. There will be some flashbacks of the clone wars itself, thats why there are the droids and that stuff :slight_smile:

All images are unedited (direct UE4 Screenshot)