[WIP] Star Wars : DroidDeka Episode I

Hey everyone !

I’m working on a Star Wars map
The wall don’t have much more details but i’m working on it
Hope you’ll like it !





Thank you !

Very nice, I love the overall color of the scene. The droidekas look like they could use some bigger guns, but other than that great work. =)

Great work and awesome colormanagement!

Very nice, those guys are my favorite droids!

Beautiful! Nice aesthetic and attention to detail.

Are you planning a playable project? I’d love to walk around in there and see those droids up close :wink:

Thank you guys !
I’m working on the droid for the next update :wink:

Indeed, this scene is playble with HanSolo’s gun (The shield of the deka interact with the projectile)

Little update

Have fun !

very nice work. The subtle fog really gives it a nice atmosphere. The protective shield could use some work. It looks like a fishbowl currently. With a little texture and lowered opacity I think you’ve nailed it! Keep it up!

This is awesome! Great work!