WIP- Star Frontiers

When I was 12 in '82 I was giving two role playing games on my birthday. One being the Dungeons and Dragons Red Box set and the other was Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn. For a lot of years, my friends and I would get together and play one or the other every weekend, every day in the summer. I’ve never seen a SF rpg made into a video game or any concept of it, so I figured I’d take a shot at prototyping something out. Here are some early screens of the first level. It is set upon the spacestation that orbits the capitol planet of Prenglar.

I’m not a modeler, least not yet, so I had to use some of the stuff I found on turbosquid. I’ll update this post as I get further along into it. Thanks for the engine and all the help I’ve gotten from this fine community.






good use of the props open to ya, i myself cant design a level to save my life

Thats okay, I can do simple models right now, learning blueprints as well, but C++ is like ancient alien to me heh.

Now that the engine is free, I’m really gonna work harder on this. I have some friends that are downloading the engine right now and they are planning to help out as well. May have to reconsider the project title though. WoTC may get upset if we try to use an IP made by TSR 33 years ago.

i say go for it, make it your own thing and yea i agree a name change is likely needed if you want to go far with it