[WIP] SpaceScape

This was a project I started last year over christmas, I was inspired by the movie interstellar to create a space environment of sorts, I worked on it for about a month but then had to put it on hold because of school and other things taking up my time, I made all the assets in the scene from scratch. I hope to get back to this project over the summer, in the mean time I made a video of the WIP stuff that I have, btw the awesome music is a score from the game “Freelancer” composed by James Hannigan and Andrew sega =)

I have to give credit to some of the other users on the forum who have done similar projects, i definitely wouldn’t have been able to make this if they hadn’t shared their tips and tricks. So thanks guys!! And hope u like it!

some screens:

Oh wow, very nice! All the planetary is awesome, i wonder how you done all this, i just begin with all this stuff… and plan to make a intro with the Earth, a space station, and aliens :slight_smile:

Looks great! Did you happen to bookmark any of those other posts by any chance?

Amazing work and I look forward to your progress, the planets are looking awesome, it all reminds me of the beginning to The Fifth Element

I’m hooked!!! :smiley: Looks awesome and where is that music from?

EDIT: Guessing Interstellar since it was your inspiration! :wink:

Thanks guys! i’m glad you like it.

Unfortunately, I havn’t book marked them but, the ones i looked at were "The uber High res earth shader by James Baxter(TheJamsh) and the eclipse shader by jeremy baldwin. I’m sure a google search should lead you to their threads. Hope it helps with your project!

haha i was tempted to use the music from interstellar, but the soundtrack is from my favorite game of all time “Freelancer”.


Looking forward to see more!

Well nice choice, it definitely fits the mood!!! TheJamsh made a lot of great progress in that area and I also did something similar in my game. Looks great and keep it up. :slight_smile:

Oh BTW, I might have a couple custom plugins I developed to help your other game out :wink:
I’m going to be dropping them to the community for free and I’ll have more to share on those soon.

Cheers tkoram20!