WIP: Space ship vehicle, interactable and online

Very nice, I was wondering how you did the cockpit MFD display, is it working in game ?
I believe UMG will support 3d projection from 4.6 do you think this is a good option ?


What do you mean with MFD? the central hollogram? the control panels on the sides of the pilot?

For the first Im using a little model, that updates his rotation each tick, pointing to the direction I want

For the second one, for now Its just a simple material, in the future I would like to animate it, or even make it show real status bars of the ship

I have not tried UMG right now so Im not sure if its a good idea to use it for that, I cant help you out with that, sorry :S

Could you share the skybox or explain how you created it? I would love to understand this better. Looks fantastic.

Sorry but the enviroment is not made by me, it´s a level included on the shooter game

You can find it on the marketplace

Ah ok, nevermind. Thanks! Is it a cubemap or sphere for the background?

Does it use 6DOF to avoid Gimbal Lock?

I built it based on the Flying template so really I missed this, right now it does not rotate on “roll” axis, but you can press a key to disable the roll locking to let the ship move in 0 gravity

Im not sure if I replied to your question hehe

I watched the video in your original post and the viewing angle of the pilot bothers me. It looks like the pilot is looking down at the nose of the ship instead of looking straight ahead. It could just be an optical illusion because of the ships design but it leaves me feeling like I want to grab the mouse and angle the camera up a couple degrees

heheh the pilots camera looks well but It needs to be polished to make a smooth movement in order of straight movements like now hehe

Thank you!

Could someone please create an updated download link, ive been trying to reconstruct the ship but im getting to many errors, if some one could it would be very much apriciated

Oh, nice to see you interested in my ship!

If I remember well this was made with the first version of UE4 (public version) so probably is better to make a new one, probably nowadays I could do that on the half time I spent with the original one, plus we have better tools for blueprints now, and less bugs.

If I were you, probably I would make a project on the same version of UE4 of the ship, just to take a look on how is it done, and to rebuild that logic (more or less) on a new project.


Wow. This looks amazing. What are you plans for this?

Sorry, I missed your reply!

I´m working on some proyects that have higher priority, but the last work I made on this some months ago was to make bigger ships, where you can walk around while other players fire its cannons or even pilot the ship, with other seats and objects you can interact with. But this is actually far from the final system, I was facing some problems about how to set up this system in the easyer and modular way possible.

Thank you for your interest in my project :slight_smile:

That is dope.

This project looks really well done. Unfortunately the downloadable one seems out of date compared to your update.

Do you plan on sharing the latest update you had?

It would be super helpful to a lot of people. I understand if you don’t plan to release it though.

It would be really welcome to hear something (recent) from Author here, this stuff is really interesting! :slight_smile:

Hello all!
I started to dig UE4 about 7 months ago, and, package of flyable spaceships that can be found in this thread was one of main driving force for my learning. My biggest ThankYous to Author of this asset, and deep appreciation for sharing. That being said, package is super old, problematic to use, to run “as it is”. I actually started to use it by installing old UE4 4.2, then gradually going up and fixing things. I have been trying to contact Author, but no luck so far. So, I decided to give something back here, for those who also maybe are at the beginning of UE4, dig spaceships, and dig love learning from working examples.
Here are project archive for UE version 4.19. Ask me, if you need for 4.18. In provided Readme file there are ways how to contact me, besides this forum.
For me, it was great learning curve for absolute beginner, to fix this asset, to get it in usable form. If you prefer easier way - here it is :wink:
There are 3rd person character and 3 spaceships, the same ones as in original asset on this thread. Two of 3 ships can be possessed (“E”), 3rd is flyable, but no possession nodes included (so you can experiment as you wish). Ships has primary and secondary weapons. Inside and outside views, cockpit freelook. Landing and exiting the ship (more in Readme).
Big warning: original asset was aimed at multiplayer. I did not care for any multiplayer stuff in here (I never do). Just boardable ships, flying and shooting.
DISCLAIMER: I repeat, i am not an Author of this, it just a “spin-off”, fixed things so it can be run on recent UE versions. There sure are some loose ends and redundant nodes in there. You may polish it more and post here again, i guess? That would be nice ongoing asset, somebody also can check on multiplayer and fix things maybe.
Zipped project (4.19):


I just wanted to say that ship on the far left Is from a game called Remember me

So Please Do NOT try to use this in you commercial projects Unless you want to be on the end of some legal action from CAPCOM.
Cant speak for the others But I thought I recognized it as one of the Ref pictures I gathered while I was designing SCIFI dropships for my own projects.

“I just wanted to say that ship on the far left Is from a game called Remember me…”, that is correct, and second ship is, of course, from “Star Wars”, and, I think I knew what game third bigger ship is from too, but can’t recall right now. When I was doing this, I just left all the ship models that original Author had here, so that some “legacy” and origin is felt. So - yes, here, and in hundred other places on Internet you got tons of free vehicle models, but it is your responsibility how to use it and not offending anyone or any-brand.

Thnk you for help others not get into trubles AlphaWolF, as you and Thunder_Owl pointed, those models are not eligible to be used in a public project, they are just for learning porpourses.

The aim of this project was to make a learning resource for blueprint replication and vehicle interaction, models are just secondary actors in here.

Feel free to update the package as much as you want, I´m happy to see that it was useful to someone. Thunder_Owl, thank you again for telling me about that and to take the time to share your updates with the community.


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