[WIP] Sora A Tale of a Hero

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Sora A Tale of a Hero was originally started in unity and its first version was cartoon based graphics. With the move to UE4 every thing from the old version was scratched and a more realistic style was decided on. along with the new look the genre was changed from straight fantasy to a mix of fantasy, scifi and steampunk. With all these changes and a new system to work with a lot of work has to be done to get to where the old version of the game once was. Thanks to the help of Hakabane who is doing most of my main features with blueprint. Work has been steadily progressing at a nice pace. With that all being said i would like to announce that Sora A Tale of a Hero is now under heavy development.

Imagine a world where a meteor shower caused more than just mass destruction. A world where the human race is forced to live in the confines of a huge building that houses the city they live in. To protect them from the out side environment. Out side the walls brought upon the world from the meteor shower is a fog that will slowly poison any living thing and eventually kill it. New beings where born from this fog that now roam the land attacking anything that they come across. To be able to sustain life with in the confines of the city the hunters guild was formed. This guild is made up of adventures that risk their lives to go out side the city walls in search of resources to ensure the survival of the city and its people. These adventures train from a very young age and are tested at the age of 18 to see if they will be able to survive out side the city walls. Sora a young girl who has just reached the age of 18 was no exception to this rule. Trained by her guardian Van from an early age she finally has a chance to prove her self and be come an adventure. driven by the stories told her by Van she has dreamed of this day all her life. But this is just the beginning of her story…
Release date

PC and MAC

Main Features that will be seen.**

A vast seamless world.
A very indepth story line.
In your face action with hordes of enemies attacking at the same time.
A very indepth stat and skill system.
All items that can be equipped will be visually seen.
Alchemy system.
A hardness that will test your skills as a gamer and leave you ripping your hair out
and much much more…

Pictures and more info can be found by clicking the image below!


Im also taking on ideas that people might want to see in a RPG. Whether they make it or not is another story but if it fits the game i will try to add it in. :smiley:

All input is very appreciated.
Main Character Sora Pic’s**

3Ds Max Version

3dsmax sora.jpg

UE4 Version (Gave eyes a different color)

**Soteria (so-tay-ree-ah) City **

This building was built inside UE4 it consist of over 17,000 objects and is 26 stories tall with 262 explorable housing units. There will be around 4 to 6 of these with in the city to explore.with a bridge on each floor to access 1 building next to it.

I will update this thread every so often with more pics of progress as i finish things.

Awesome model for the main character! I’m looking forward to seeing some gameplay.

@brunogruber ill be posting some game play vids once i get the first area completed