WIP - Sky City project

Hi Everybody can introduce “Sky City” project.

I’am experienced programmer unity3d/ue4 c++/c#, networking, VR, AR, gameplay mechanic, ai, plugins, sdk extends, etc all aspects of the game in one person.

Last 2-3 years working with Ue4 very close. And seeking now partner for new ambitious project game genre of Stealth.
Game allow the player to choose between a stealthy approach or directly attacking antagonists, perhaps rewarding the player for greater levels of stealth.

Have a tech prealpha demo, yep using proprietary assets from “Styx master of shadows” only for demostration purposes for core gameplay. And want to create something like a Thief,Deus variation etc…

Iam seeking animator for project if you interested pls check this thread

Thx all enjoy and sorry for bad english)

Nice art ))

Yep its awesome artist FB here