WIP Side scrolling platformer

Hey guys,
I’ve been working on a Side scrolling platformer concept for a while now. I Was using the default UE4 character to get the basics down, but since I got all my custom character and animations in the engine, I ended up re-doing most of the logic. Mainly getting my head around Animation Blueprints. Here’s what I’ve got so far… I still haven’t implemented a ledge grab system on the new character and I still have to fix a lot of the blending when she changes directions and speed.


Looks nice
What have you planned for the project? Key Features, Settings, Story, Game mode etc.?

Thanks… I have a lot more to do on the character… as in combat and stuff. I just finished the Ledge grabbing and climbing


Here’s a close up of the character

Nice start! Really liking the smooth animations :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

Thanks man! I’ve kept the project to the side though. Have been working on 3D platformer now :slight_smile: