[WIP] Shoot'em'up "Coronator"

Hey Guys, my name is Jakob, i’m 27 and about two years ago, i started learning how to use the unreal engine.

i usually work as a freelance boomoperator in germany, due to the corona epidemic, there are almost no productions to work at…
also, worldwide the people have to stay at home… and no one knows when things will get back to normal

two days ago i started creating this shoot’em’up game called “Coronator”.

basically it is like “Moorhuhn” - left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button to reload

yet there are two levels - a normal mode and a low light “hardmode”, on each mode the time is limited to 90 seconds

bloodcells and viruses will spawn left and right and fly random through the bloodstream, destroying a virus will grant 10 points, destroying a bloodcell will subtract 10 points

my brother created the backgroundmusic and the sfx - his wife came up with the name of the game :smiley: - i created the meshes and the blueprint coding of the game

  • each time the cells hit the walls, they change direction and speed a bit
  • there are 6 meshes variations of viruses + 1 “addon” (little dots) and the color changes on each spawn of a virus, so they never look the same
  • killing a virus will roll a dice - if it rolls 6 the virus will split into two new
  • the background mesh and the cells materials do have a wind modifiyer to get that wobly look

if you have any ideas to improve the game please let me know :slight_smile:

i would like to release the game, so i could use some help to get through the process.

  • determine system requirements
  • what do i need to publish the game on epic? steam?
  • right now there is only the pc version, what do i need to change to get this running on android, ios?



got a little update here

depending on the distance to the camera the points are different

destroying a virus in front 5 points, in the middle 10 points and in the background 25 points

destroying a bloodcell in front minus 25 points, in the middle minus 10 points, and in the background minus 5 points

On the upper and lower screen corner plaque will grow up, which needs several shots. it will grant 100 points, or with the new powerup 200 points


both Bloodcells and viruses now got a fade effect, to get a little more visual feedback on destroying them


6 powerups

coronator logo: destroys all viruses at once

red coronator logo: destroys all bloodcells at once - which will end in a huge negative score :wink:

green timer: +5 seconds

red timer: -5 seconds

x2: double points

freeze: will freeze all movements for 5 seconds