[WIP] Sea-Life Mod CLOSED

Hey ladies and gentlemen, friends and mates :slight_smile:

This is the work in progress of Sea-Life. The intention of this mod is, to bring more life to the underwater scenes of ARK Survival Evolved.

Adding craftable ammonites, belemnites, sea urgins, corals and swarms of fishes. Two new ressources will be added:

  • Frutti Di Mare –> Source: Ammonites, Belemmnites, Sea Urgins, Fishes (including coelacanthes). Is needed for taming Pteranodon, Ichthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus, {and future marine tetrapods}

  • Coral –> Source: Corals. Is needed to build jewelry.


  • Ranger: Meshes, Materials, Textures
  • : Materials, Textures, Arrangement, ARK Dev Kit, 2D Art

If you like the idea, please comment and/or rate.

why not, it will be interesting for the people who like be go underwater :slight_smile: or the people who wanted always more things :smiley:

but for now in my opinion (i dont like to go underwater ^^) there is not enough thing to make have an idea :slight_smile:
redoing/ giving life to underwater map is a long road to take for a mod :smiley: since you will need to create all the content when other mod will just duplicated existing thing :wink:
(not mentioning you will need to change the map directly too so a big size mod :s)

so good luck :smiley: you will learn many thing from doing it :slight_smile:

Thank you for comment. :slight_smile:

Its a good idea - because the sea is very empty (current)

Definitely support the need for this mod.