{WIP} Screenshots

So, after some recent news, been working strictly on a multi-VR-Platform experience. The basic idea is to allow people to purchase map-packs to play in. The game will come with 3 standard maps. This is just a short preview of some various screenshots :slight_smile:

At the heart of the game, being a multi-platform game, we need to enumerate the HMD devices. A huge thank you to Rama for exposing this to blueprints!

Next up, we had to set up some optimizations with HMD PD command. The first function is to set it:

Once it’s set, then I created another function to adjust it (yay for posting, saw an error… I had to put in Framerate = 1/(Delta seconds)

Finally, on tick, we can use these functions to dynamically adjust the pixel density based on the current frame-rate (if the game is set up for auto-adjustment):

So, currently this is at the heart of the project. So let’s take a look at 2 of the levels currently in design.

Main Menu

There will be another 3d UMG widget to the right that will allow the player to load various maps as well. The console in the center is so that the player can choose character options (male / female), Character name, stuff like that. The area/room that is to the right is a server room :slight_smile: Need those servers in order to generate a hologram (which will be the material of the pawn that is in the center - the pawn’s mesh will change according to character options).

I’ll post a couple more screenshots of the first map once the forums stop giving a database error ><

Interesting! I just started diving into learning Blueprints, so I appreciate you sharing. It’s cool seeing how you use my content packs as well. Is that the customer thank you message terminal? =)

Also, you may want to adjust the title of the thread. Right now it’s displaying as WIP Screenshots, not really indicative of what’s inside. =P Keep it up, I’ll have my eye on this!

Yep :slight_smile: Still have some material adjustments to make on the screen to give it a good “pop” since it’ll be a “holographic, touch-based” terminal. Also added a Credits button above the Exit Game right after I posted when I fixed the frame-rate thing-a-ma-bob.

Funny enough, when you change the title of a thread, it doesn’t show up on the parent forum. Ah well. I’ll update this as I move forward anyways :slight_smile:

Cool, I never expected people would use it. =P

I thought they fixed that, you’ll probably have to message a mod. Keep it up!