[WIP] Sci-fi themed physics puzzle game

Hi guys!
Me and my pal has been making a Sci-fi themed top-down puzzle game for a few weeks now.
(I wish I could tell you every detail of the game but right now I don’t have a lot of time - so I’ll go brief this time and update the thread later.)

First and foremost, rules of the game. I hope you don’t get bored :wink:

There are a “Core” unit, energy particles and “Enforcer” units.
A core unit has either one of two poles; positive or negative. When activated, it would pull energy particles with the same pole and push away the ones with the opposite pole. And if two core units are both activated, they’ll pull one another and get merged, generating massive energy(i.e. you get score. yay!)
An energy particle can be stable or unstable. Stable one would collide with other objects whereas unstable one would get absorbed to the first object it collides. When absorbed, it will increase or decrease energy of a unit depending on its pole. However, if it is absorbed by an energy particle or a core unit with the opposite pole, it will explode!
For an enforcer unit, there are several types. We designed a bunch but for the initial release we will put in 3 types; Impulser(pushes away or pull in units nearby), Converter(changes pole or reaction type of units nearby), and Resonator(increases or decreases energy level of units nearby)

So basically, you activate and deactivate core units in order to collect as much energy as possible and merge two core units with different pole to gain score.
The bigger the energy that a core unit holds, the higher score you gain. Also, if energy of two core unit is balanced, you gain twice as much score.

Here’s some gameplay footage.
It doesn’t show much and there’s virtually no VFX/SFX, but I believe it would help you understand the concept of the game.

Okay, I guess that’s it for now.
Next time I’ll upload some concept drawings of the units.
And maybe show you guys some examples of enforcer units.

If this intrigues you in any way, please let us know. Your interest would empower us greatly.


Some concept drawings

Here’s some concept drawings as promised!

[Core Unit]

Needless to say, key element of this game.
It pushes away or pull in energy particles. Simple, yet tricky to manipulate.


Converter changes pole or reaction type of units.
For example, if used on an energy particle or a core, positive ones will be negative.
If used on an impulser that’s supposed to push away units, it would pull in.

[Converter - Deprecated]**

This was what a converter was supposed to look like. Turns out this kind of design doesn’t really suit top-down view, so we changed it.
Hope it could be used for other kind of unit with some minor changes.


Resonators increase or decrease energy level of units.
If energy level of a unit exceeds 20, it would explode. On the other hand, if it goes below 1, it would dissolve.


An anchor holds units nearby when activated. Once influenced by an anchor, a unit would not move no matter what unless the anchor is deactivated.


An impulser pushes away or pulls in nearby units.
The closer units are to an impulser, the greater the pushing/pulling force would be.


A stabilizer simply changes stability of a core unit or an energy particle. Stable ones would be unstable, and vice versa.
That being said, perhaps I should come up with a better name for this one.


A stopper works like a brake. It literally stops any moving unit nearby.

All these arts were created by this guy
He doesn’t usually do this kind of art, but he stepped up and did pretty well. IMO.
Feel free to visit and take a look at his awesome works!

That’s it for now, fellas.
I’ll get back to you asap.

Peace out!

Looks great! Art is solid.
I like that the stopper looks like a wave breaker :wink:

It’s been a while!
We finished most of scripting works. Now dealing with art.
Specifically, VFX and UI.
I had no experience with Particle so it’s been truly challenging for me but I’m satisfied with the results. Generally.

Peace out!