[WIP] Sci-Fi Stone Medieval Environment Assets

Hey guys,

I’m currently looking up reference for my next marketplace project. I’ve gathered this reference so far. I’m starting to feel a medieval/scifi cross over theme going. So possibly a modular collection of assets for building sci-fi stone environments.

Started work on the first asset, following some concept sketches I have done.


I worked out on a grid, all the modules that will be included and have them all blocked out and imported to UE4 for testing. After this stage, it will then be a case of going and modelling the actual assets.

However, looking at these images, I’ve realised I’ve made all the walls far too thin to suit the style I’m going for. I’m going to have to make everything thicker.

Stairs asset complete. I’ve also created this as a smart material using color ID mask.

For all the next assets, I will just need to create a highpoly version and use the same colors for the ID mask, and then is Substance Painter it will be a simple drag and drop of this one smart material and it will texture it all in one go. This will help to keep a nice uniform look to all the materials