WIP Sci Fi Room

Hi all,

I’ve been slowly working on a practice artwork in UE4 since some time. I work on it generally only on weekends.

Would love to know your feedbacks :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: are you going to put this on the marketplace? I like the scheme of it.

Thank you! Yes I do plan to put it on Market once its done. :slight_smile:

It will be modular yes? What kind of texture customization do you think it will have? Changeable texture colors and props to make the walls and floors more unique would be cool to. Like vents, pipes, etc.

Well, as for modularity, except for the blocking ceilings, walls and ground, all meshes are modular and separate. So they could be used separately.

For textures, I am only keeping the Self-Illumination textures to have different color values, editable from material editor, so that they can be adjusted to different light settings and ambiance. Other than that, the Diffuse texture colors will remain the same.

Just an update of my on going work, with more lighting done and more areas shown :slight_smile: