WIP Scene Minimalist

wow, this looks amazing. I really like the minimalist aspect of it. Seriously though, This looks so real. Goodjob.

Looks great, although my only crit would be that the AO in the corners of the room is way too strong if you’re going for a realistic approach.

The second and the 4th screenshot was great :slight_smile: You could go for a warmer orange color on the fire.

Beautiful :smiley:

Really like the contrast between clean and busy materials. This room is very stylish while be minimalist. Good job :wink:

The second shot shows the scene the best for me. Some areas come off as a little flat in the others but that could just be due to very diffused light and minimal shadows. I do agree, the AO on the corners could be turned down a bit. Overall it looks very nice. The minimalist touch works well.

The next link, you can download the last project and walk yourself like a game, but with space architecture Archviz so realistic materials and lighting.

If say some dll missing, should to download Directx Redistributable, and load again.
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 (Download)

I’ll hope that you are interesing in this type of project.

Working by innovation.


Excellent work, congratulations!