[WIP] Round based survival game

Hi guys. I’ve started a project that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

General Overwiew
It’s a round based survival game. So you will be fighting constant waves of enemies with each round getting harder and harder. Your job is to survive as many rounds as possible.

I like how it worked in the call of duty series “Survival mode” where you had different shops where you could buy different types of things such as better weapons, armor and help like extra friendly AI to help you. So I would like to have something like that.

I’m not too sure on theme at the moment. When I first wanted to make this project, I wanted to make it a robotic style game. So enemies would be “AI”. I actually wanted to do this as I felt it would make enemy animation a lot easier if they are robots and not humanoid type enemies. Which is still usefull as animation isn’t my strong point.

Technical Overview
I’m currently developing in Linux. Using UE4 4.25 and using Codelite. It’s a bit clunky in comparison to developing in windows, but I recently deleted W10 from my system.