(WIP) Room Project for Client (Need Comments) (Download Complete Project)

Hi Guys, from many days i have been working on a project, i am using lightroom as a sample for now so i was adding few features like drag and drop furniture into the room change there colors, view the entire room panorama and save it as… i know its work in progress project there will be bugs… but i sent these files to my client he says the project is not working for him in Unreal Engine, so i am providing a download link, please download it and check it how it looks in your unreal engine.

Project Download Link:

Instructions to play with it, open the project, in unreal engine and open lighroom map file to see the room, then play it on the side click any furniture to drop into the scene, Left click and drag to drag and place object where you want, and right click and hold to rotate the object, there is other options for color and object removal…second thing press G to view the Room Panorama and click Take screen shot to save the image*.(in the Project files Screen shot will be saved here:Project\Saved\Screenshots)*

And here is Video whats working with me.

Check it and post comments here if they files are working with you or not…what you are getting in your Unreal Engine.


will i just tried your project… and it works just the way you are describing it, i gotta say that controlling the furniture was not easy, but view panorama and taking screenshots worked like a charm.

oh and i ran your project on version 4.9.2

Thanks Alot Vampire737… i need more comments

I need more comments any one?