[WIP]Resident evil mansion Unreal4 project

I am using the Unreal Engine 4 to re create the Resident Evil mansion hall.

I really like this game series. Although the official Remaster HD has been released.

I still want to use the full 3D way to rebuild the classic scene of Resident Evil.

Based on the reconstruction of the Resident Evil Remake mansion.

My friend S.P.G in the late to give me great help. he helped to make a lot of blueprints, special effects.

Without his help, I couldn’t have finished the work.

The details are being refined…

My English is not good… Please forgive me…

Never played Resident Evil, but those images look awesome! Very nice work! :slight_smile:

That looks really nice. Good Job!

Thank you very much for your appreciation. This is my first to learn UE4 results

Wow, this looks fantastic! Great job. Can I ask, what are you using for materials/textures?

I use PhotoShop and Quixel SUITE to draw texture.
The key properties of the material are normal map, roughness, metal…
Now I can’t complete PBR process.
Texture resolution is 512~4096 pixels.

Love the mood! It would be cool if you could do an .exe, i would like to walk in it :wink:

I need some time to adjust the texture. My friends will help me to revise the blueprint…
I will eventually release the demo…

Well, you could also sell it at the MarketPlace, i bet it would be the better idea :wink:

I was the original 3D of the main hall of the re reconstruction. This is Capcom’s copyright… I cannot commercialize:D

But to express my love for old Resident Evil game.