[WIP] ReExistence Game (Hack'n'Slash)

Finally I was able to put together a trailer for the project I am working on in my free time. ReExistence is a Hack’n’Slash game with some super natural twist. Set in a futuristic era, where magic is considered dangerous, but still widely practiced. The trailer showcases some of the many abilities to be included in the game.

Right now I am in the process of converting the Blueprint Prototype to C++ to better manage the Abilities Properties
What are your thoughts?
I would very much appreciate some help in Cinematic Action Camera and Level Lighting
(Please be gentle with me as this is not my profession :p)

Update on the gameplay features of ReExistence.
The game has been converted from Blueprints only to also include C++ code base. This allows me to use Unreal’s Gameplay Ability System to implement abilities more quickly and efficiently. Visual Cosmetics are still being made as the game development progresses.