WIP - Raginbear Street Props 01

Hi people, we are Raginbear Studio and we are currently working on porting our pack from Unity to Unreal.

Guys what do you think about the assets?
Would you buy those for your game, and if not, why?
Do you think they meet quality standards for Unreal market?
We are still working on it and it would be very good for us to get some feedback.
The rest of the assets to come are in this catalog.

Best regards
Raginbear Studio

I think they look pretty good, though I think you should make additional street props like benches and some street signs.

Shut up and take my money!!! First class props there guys, I really need some for my project. I need signs, traffic lights, benches, garbage cans, all that stuff

Thank you for warm comments guys! We have benches already made they are awaiting conversion, after that we’re going to make road signs, which do you need the most? Probably US signs?
Probably we’re going to do US/EU generic signs , we present you some in couple of days.

Hey, far as road signs go. Which do you need. We created 4 base forms. We just need to know which do you want? US / EU ? Anything specific aswell?
Please fill this thread with ideas / request. We want to deliver whats needed!

wow they are some nice props you got there!, just had a look at the rest of them :), I would defiantly say they are marketplace ready!

Just want to say that all assets are looking very nice so far :smiley:

You won’t have any problem sailing them to the marketplace.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Hey guys, thanks for your support! It’s really appreciated and encouraging!
We have a little update for you, here are more images

Again - we appreciate any input, we strive to improve and deliver :slight_smile: