[wip] r.a.t.s

Hello, I’ve been working on this game for over 10 years now and am proud to announce that it is officially porting over to UE4.

I was inspired to make this game in 1999 and started officially developing R.A.T.S. while working for Capcom around 2004, before a target engine or platform was announced. In December of 2009 it was brought in to UDK and just this January began its port over to UE4. Since the project hit this engine, it has seen leaps and bounds in the speed and quality of every aspect of game development from making the gameplay to enhancing the visuals. It took 5 years to get the simple basics of a shooter in place in UDK and I’ve been able to recreate that by myself in UE4, in less than two months and with features that were previously too difficult to implement such as smart AI and realistic feeling vehicle controls.

I hope to soon launch a kickstarter and greenlight campaign to get this project truly moving forward towards release. I would appreciate any and all feedback on the quality of this video and help spreading the word about it.

I also run a youtube channel where I’ve been putting up developer diary videos, tutorials and updates on the project on a very regular basis. I respond to all comments, so please feel free to drop by and ask me any questions or just say hi.

Since almost all of the art assets have long been built, most of my time has been spent with ai directors, mission managers, inventory managers and other “behind the scenes” systems that need to be implemented. I will be taking more video of the project as it develops so please stop by here for regular updates or just head straight to my youtube channel.

Thanks everybody for your support and thanks to Epic Games for the many opportunities they have afforded us all.

[UPDATE 03/09/15]
First mission prototype:

Jamie Gibson

Oh wow, I remember learning from your videos when using UDK the year before last until UE4 came out.

Well I can only hope that it was useful for you. I’m always open to new tutorial topics so feel free to suggest or request anything you’re unclear on. My only real weakness is a complete lack of C++ experience.

I’m the complete opposite and came to UDK after a few years of working on my own C++ engine which taught me quite a bit. Your tutorials were definitely good for understanding how unreal is put together and all that stuff still applies. UE4’s C++ is a strange mix of actual C++ and unreal script concepts that they somehow managed to throw in so hopefully that helps the transition.

Hey guys, I’ve got my first UE4 prototype completed to showcase one of the types of NPC missions available in the game.

This is far from bug free, but it showcases the different experiences between day and night in the game.
I am toying with the idea of allowing players to build fortifications and bases during the day in order to fend off the dangers of the night cycle.
I’m also looking into creating a hunger and gathering system so the player’s stay within the world will be a little more engaging.

Some screens











Been following this project ever since UDK, great videos to learn stuff also, thanks!

Hah! I remember this from UDK!!! Love it!

Hey man, long time no see/talk. Everything okay? Hit me up on Skype or something.