[WIP] Quest: To Be Defined

Hello everyone, I thought I would share this to get some feedback on it, I have put off sharing it in such a manner for too long now (I started on this back in 2014, but put it on hold as I attended university from 2015-2018, but I have got back into working on it, as I have the time available).

This game of mine, Quest: To Be Defined, is a 3rd-person shooter with RPG elements. I have a story for this game (that I came up with a few years ago, it could certainly been refined and is hence subject to change), I have shifted away from it at the moment, with a simple story-exposition paragraph, shown to the Player upon starting (the game has a basic menu that I put together in C++, along with a basic HUD for when the game loads into the first level: QTBDIntro). I have purchased an asset pack for use with the project (Prototype Weapons), from which, the Player is using the prototype-pistol (their default weapon).

At the moment, when play starts for the Player (after seeing the exposition-widget), a character known as PIBot, will start following them. The Player-Character is in a canyon, a simple construct using a Landscape-map, with a few pillars. Moving past these pillars, the Player will first catch sight of 5 characters facing away from them (these are all known as ‘Private Matterson’, who will be one of the first enemies the Player will have to face). The Player can shoot at these characters with their pistol, ‘killing’ one of these Characters if the Player can land shots of them enough times (20 for now). If the Player moves past them (into their line of sight), they will start following the Player. Another Character is slightly further down the canyon from those 4 instances of Private Matterson. That Character is known as Sacramento, who will say a line of dialog to the Player Character when they detect the Player (for now, only by sight), as well as following the Player whilst providing this dialog.

A video demonstration of what has been explained in the paragraph above is available below:

Please let me know if there are any additional details of the project you wish to know.

It is very basic at the moment (using the default UE4 Character assets and what not), but I will keep working on it, please provide feedback on what you think of it so far :).

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