[WIP] Quaratine Zone

Hey guys I am currently working on a scene using a concept from the last of us, and I would love to hear what you guys think, and would love to hear what you guys think I could do to push it farther =D.

This looks really close to concept. Great job. Though maybe adjust fog color if you want to keep the brownish original color scheme.

Looking good, only changes id recommend so far your barbwire is to big, so it kind of screams fake to me. And the Infected Inside text seems like its in game which is good, where as the no hope here text gives off this I open this photo in MS paint and drew on it feeling…

Maybe change the thickness to match the black infected text. Also looks like you have blood drips/lines coming off the text. Seems like you are trying to hard to show its blood. maybe move away from the dripping and go with a lil splatter like you did on the ground below it. I’m thinking if i was to draw the N with a bloody hand it would be a full hand slap on the wall and dragging it downward to get that streak effect.