[WIP] Psychological Horror Game (Blueprint)

I thought I would share a horror game that I’m working on, I’m a graphic designer with some experience in 3D design so creating video games is new skill I hope to develop. Rather than creating typical horror shooter with monsters and jump scares I plan to focus my attention more on building suspense in the game with creepy lighting, atmospheric music and interactive content like symbols and TV displays. The player will remain stationary in a room while having to solve various puzzles and I hope to create some fear using triggered events that trick the player into making mistakes until they realize something is watching and trying to manipulate their actions.

After additional improvements to the environment my next task will be to start adding click event puzzles. I also plan to create motion graphic videos to display on the televisions however I have only recently found out that in-game video materials are not yet available on UE4. Hopefully this is added soon.

Check out the project page on my website if you’re interested as I hope to get a conversation going with suggestions and ideas…


Very cool idea Owen! Nice to see a game built more on suspense then a game with just jump scares. Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see more on your project!