[WIP] ProjectFrickin (Working Title) M-RPG


this Thread is about a game in developement (of course what else :). Its going to be a Multiplayer Battle Arena / PVP RPG (Hell thats a long genre). We are trying to build it almost in Blueprint (mostly as a proof of concept), of course it still uses C++ for critical stuff.

Planed Features:

  • General RPG Features (Stats, Items, Little Quests)
  • Randomly Generated Dungeons
  • Teamplay Features / Partys - Guilds
  • Open World PvP / Arena Battles
  • [this part is going to be expanded soon]

Curently Working on:

  • the UI / Custom UMG Controls

Here is a first Screenshot of the Welcome / Login Scene

Little Update!
not much gameplay related but still. Ive been able to finish the main work on the Master-Server-Backend today. This system cares about player authenication, dedicated server management etc. Its best described if you think of WoW System. Start the game, Log In, Select one of the Servers, Select your character wich is saved on the master server and start to play. Going to post a video of the process when the UI is polished.

Anaother RPG thingy :3 and this one actually is one of the good ones too :3 moar!!!

Heh. Well its just a login scene :). Going to post some more facts soon, but we are going to focus on PvP content

little video update to the Online Service Backend

Awesome login screen. 10/10. Flawless. Epic. Move on! :slight_smile:

ty actually its just a placeholder :S working on fancy UI widgets… Going to showcase the UI Framework soon as i plan to maybe put it up the marketplace

As long as the system works (which I scored), fancy UIs can wait, until the last month anyway. :3

heh well iam heavylie extending umg widgets to allow them do drop shadows etc. Better buttons. Drag Drop ability for skills & stuff etc. Its about the functionality not the fancy graphics :smiley: