[WIP] Project Stray

An Arena First person Shooter, Created by me in a little more than 1 month in Unreal 4.

I starting practicing blueprints with the mindset of creating mods for UT4 and started to realize how powerful they really are and decided to take the first person example game and turn it into my very own project.

Public Trello showing all tasks.

Video Showing more info about what to expect in the build.

[video]Episode 146, Stray part 9 - YouTube

Download the game here:


All feedback welcome!

This looks very interesting, especially your screenshot with the destructible level architecture. The atmosphere in the video episode you posted above reminds me a bit of Quake 4(especially the sound and weapons), very interesting level design, there is a similar theme in CS:GO (Skyscraper hostage setup). Would like to see a gameplay video.

Hi FPS Co-op Fan here. Just stopping by to say there is something really cool about Blue Explosions. Viewed your Trello (wow, I need to make better use of it). Gun Kata: Melee Attacks, Finishing Moves, it sounds very interesting for a FPS? A FP Fighting Game w/ Sci-Fi Projectile Weapons = AWESOME. Keeping my eyes on this one.

I plan to get a video up of actual game play in the latest build soon. And yeah this is meant to feel like a strange mix of old school rocket arena or arena fps with a definitive fighting game style to it. Its meant to really merge the genres in a way that has yet to be done before. In the end I want to even go as far as having damage indicators when doing damage to tell you how much you did within a bullet time combo and have flashy super attacks that destroy chunks of the level.


FINISH HIM!! then rips his arms off and kick his body off the tower. DE-ARMING!!!

ROUND 2 FIGHT!!! Between rounds the damaged level resets so you can damage it all over again.

Instead of quick fights where where someone tends to die in a matter of seconds like most or nearly all other FPSes this game focuses more on lengthy battles and comboing larger chunks of damage.

When playing the game there is a very different feel to it already. The core is in place. its buggy but its the beginning. Now if I can just stay alive long enough to work on it lol

Sounds Awesome . I like the idea of mix genres, but its a challenge. BulletStorm (Epic Games, Yay) was close to such hybrid, rewarding players with points for performing increasingly ludicrous and creative kills. It was primarily a FPS, but provided a few additional Melee Attacks that aided in pulling off stunt kills.

Level Destruction is going to push Stray over the top. I’m curious as to how Melee attacks will work. Will the players get to use the Fireweapon in different ways as bludgeon or to impale/slash (ie bayonet), use a Melee Weapon or use Body Parts. This is where I think things will get challenging. In my opinion, to live up to the tentative title: Gun-Kata, player’s would use Fireweapon for melee attacks in unique ways.

I really homed in on the tentative title: Gun-kata as I’m a big fan of movies and games that use it like Equilibrium, Ultra Violet, Bayonetta. The stylistic Gun-play looks cool in 3rd person, however, I’ve pondered over ways to translate it into a First-Person mechanic. On paper, I’ve come up with a system that uses Dual Wielded FireWeapons (L]eft & R]ight) and manual targeting mechanism. First, the player targets both weapons L]/R] individually and asynchronously. Second, Fires to activate the attack. Note: a single target can be selected multiple times. Once activated, we automate camera and hand/arm/weapon movement and firing using stylish animations based on the sequence of targets selected. With this Targeting Mechanism, different target selection Patterns can activate Power Ups: Specialty Moves (Somersaults/Acrobatics) and Weapon Effects that effect the projectile, rate of fire, etc when attacking. Various Pattern combinations: Ie L-R-L-[COLOR=#FF0000]L[/COLOR] = HellBlitzer, R1-R2-R3 = 3-Fingered Tap Tap, many, many others. Players unlock Power Ups by pulling of stunts.

My thoughts on the melee right now would be to do grabs basically where you play cool animations if you successfully do a grab. Have interesting context sensitive stuff similar in nature to knife deaths in other games but in stray its merely a way to deal a decent chunk of damage and toss the other guy in some direction. Can even have stuff where you counter a grab by also grabbing at the same time.

Gun kata might end up being a tough sell as I am both avoid duel wielding weapons and special maneuvers such as dodging, rolling flips ect. I want this game to be more about positional awareness and optimal ranges and optimal encounter tactics rather than showy flashy moves. I want to leave that kind of stuff to UT4 whom is already doing all of that anyway and I am still not sold on if its really a good thing. However with all of that said its possible that if the grabs are flashy enough it could make up for that.

Though in practice right now, if you play the game, getting close enough to grab your opponent in a 1 v 1 is likely to be pretty rare.

Hi Castle, I’ve been checking out Stray progress on your youtube channel. No dual wielding…ahh shucks :frowning: One of my favs. Feels cool when holding and alternating between the two weapons while blasting. Flashy Grabs sound like fun, but, getting close enough to grab n’ stab opponents is difficult in FPS games. Are you going to implement some stealth tactics?