[WIP] Project Skyfarm - Anime style farming sim adventure game

Hey guys, long time lurker. I’ve been working on games for a while, and wanted to connect my passion between plant raising (real life), farming sim, and indie dev together! I started learning blueprints since July, and routinely share monthly devlog updates on our youtube channel starting from this January. I will share my progress here! In the mean time, here is our latest devlog, we just added combat in!


new devlog for May! check it out :slight_smile:


Hey there @twnori!

What a marvelous video :slight_smile: The game seems cute and really well thought out. Having the enemies upgrade seems both challenging and incredibly fun! You’ve also chosen a great voice actor for your main character, it really fits into the world you’ve built.

Will definitely be keeping this on my radar and looking forward to hearing more.

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thank you! we won’t let you down :slight_smile:

So exciting and cozy project you are making here, I really like the transformation tool idea you’ve got. Cant wait how you will implement it in the game.

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Thank you so much!

Hey guys! We made some updates to our fantasy crops, farm layout, and created a placeable system. Check out the latest devlog!


Loving all the updates and a bug becoming a possible feature! Hope you and your team keep up the fantastic work. :grin:

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Cel shading in 3D is way harder and more technical than what I expected… Check out our struggle:


I’m sorry if this is mentioned somewhere, I’m new to this development project. What platforms will this game eventually release to?