[WIP] Project P.E.W

Project P.E.W

STATUS: Clean - Mod stackable.

As some of you may know already I started uploading a mod of mine to the workshop.

Deadly simple.

It changes the sounds of an arrow being fired to a “pew” sound.
I also replaced the textures on the bow and arrows to prevent confusion for players.

Completely inspired by the Project P.E.W mod for Skyrim back in the day :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been going fine. I’ve since made a stable upload to the workshop (Link is in my signature if anyone wants to test it out).

For anyone who has tried it, some critical advice is most welcome!

*(Also if anyone is wanting to get on board, I do need new textures for the bow to make it look OP. Credit will be placed where it is due)

This was technically my first mod and as such, I needed a “little” (A s**t load of) help from the following members:

^The real MVP’s^

Cheers everyone for being so accommodating on the forums and IRC channel :3

Very nice :slight_smile: I will download it, when ready :slight_smile: