[WIP] Project Frequency | Open World Survival Horror

I’ll probably just make a modified version of my Weapon class for the AIs, still gotta see RP wise how to implement long range monsters that fit into the theme of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Inventory system is functional and working flawlessly! Players can now add items to their inventory and use the UMG UI to access the items and interact with them using a drop down menu with different functions in each button. The picture doesn’t show the mechanics in action but I’ll be making a new developer Vlog soon explaining the new additions, especially the inventory system. Most of the survival aspects of the game have been added and are working splending, what’s left is the AI, which I still don’t know how to approach it, if to use switch states or the blackboard blueprint thingi. Once the AI gets implemented, I can start building the world slowly and have playtesting sessions since most of the core mechanics are in place.

amazing work!

Thank you!

I’ve been quite busy with the inventory system, making sure it’s rather bug free and cleaning up the mess of a code I wrote. Will be making an update video tomorrow hopefully so I can fill you guys in with all the new additions, here’s a new round of pictures regarding the inventory system. Icons look a bit stretched since I’m just reusing the ones from Unity which had a different slot size, but they work :D.

Will be working on the AI, I’ll be coding from scratch using a finite state machine and I’ll try to avoid using blackboard and behavior trees, making it a bit more challenging on myself :D.

jIM Bean? HEll yES!

Hahaha, if i saw that jumping out at me that would cause a high pitched scream… :smiley:

I’m getting a S.T.A.L.K.E.R vibe from this… I approve wholeheartedly :smiley:

Looks pretty good! You got twitter or something to follow?

LOL nice edit haha, gotta replace that bottle asap before I get hammered by copyrighted issues haha.

Thanks :D, can’t wait to start building the map and adding the atmosphere, programmer art everywhere xD

Haha, trust me, I’ve been scared a couple of times already by them, doing some playtesting sessions and when I look back there’s like 2 chasing me down T_T

Never used twitter but I have my youtube channel and the FB page :smiley:

Editing the next update video, in the meantime

Tweaked a bit the PP effects and lighting :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t have enough time to make an actual developer vlog, uploaded this in the meantime while I make the next video.

I recognize those new knife animations :wink:
Looking nice so far!

Looks good, how can I help? I can work on props to mess around with.

Send me a message with your portfolio or work you’ve done before to and we’ll talk, I currently need artists since as you can see, the game is filled with programmer art haha.

BioXide whats the lastest. This is one of my favorite projects to keep tabs on.

Family has been over for vacation so I haven’t been able to do much this weekend except plan out on paper, also I’m currently learning a bit more about blackboard/behavior trees, I got pretty interested in them once I heard that they work by tasks which launch other tasks, instead of having everything running off the Tick. Starting from tomorrow I’ll be able to sit down and dump a couple of hours programming the AI.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been extremely busy the whole weekend but progress is being made on the AI system. Monsters can now roam and patrol randomly till they see a player, in which they will chase him down till he gets far away from them or breaks the line of sight. It’s still really early but I have the knowledge already to implement different states such as attacking, stunned, etc.
Will probably make an update video this weekend and hopefully have the AI system functional for playtesting.

It took me over 2-3 days of constant researching to actually understand and grasp the behavior trees in UE4, I’m glad I took the hard route instead of just building the AI using a state machine in C++, it’s still a bit confusing but I’m able to implement features and debug them quickly. Will be posting more in-depth information during the week :smiley:

Big fan of Behavior Trees (worked with Behavior Trees in UDK Kismet), the UE4 BT Presentation takes a little getting used to. That BT looks very nice. I counted 11 Zombies in that scene, are you using a Viral replication mechanic?


I agree, it took me over 3 days to actually understand BTs and reach a point where I can implement mechanics by myself. I’m still a beginner with this but progress is being made quickly and knowledge is gained while iterating through it. Hehe nah, I just duplicated the AI Character a couple of times to see how they would behave, they still need avoidance to prevent them from colliding with each other. Right now the AI can patrol randomly, chase the player down and attack him (Play a sound for now) and continuously loop without getting stuck.

This is the tree that handles the logic when the player is seen by the AI

This is the tree that handles the logic when patroling

All the Blackboard keys and tasks/services that I’m using

Hello all, I am now the second person to be working on this project. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now, and I’m loving the progress that we’re making here.

Right now I am in charge of all the first person animations. And as such, I will be posting periodic updates on how those are going.
I animated the knife that is in the current game. And right now I am working on a 1911.

I have the base pose done, and now all that is left is to actually animate this beast. This will be fun, the 1911 is easily my favorite side arm.

Right now this is what I’ve got for the base pose.

Nothing too special. Yet.