[WIP] Project Boon, Old-School Sprite-Based FPS (Doom Clone), Open Source & Tutorials


For almost 2 years I’ve been developing a sprite-based shooter, in fact is a Doom recreation with UE4.

Before starting I thought that it would be awesome to have a sprite-based FPS with modern technology, great user experience and with easy to use multiplayer. And not like most multiplayer games but like in the old days that you could create and join servers with a couple of clicks.

I was inspired by Brutal Doom, how the author pushed the limits of what was possible with Doom adding tons of extra features. Still, you’re limited by the 2.5D nature of the engine and connecting players together is not exactly smooth even with modern ports.

But all of this can be different with UE4 and Steam, so I started adding functionality with the great Blueprint system that allows me to create game logic without being worried about syntax and other programming stuff. I can put nodes together like a flowchart mimicking my thought process, test it, make changes, optimizations and fix errors very easily.

As I progressed and continued solving problems the vision of the project grew. I don’t want to release a game and that’s it, I figured that I could share the logic so improvements could be done with the help of other people and also, anyone could make their own games with their assets without having to worry about the whole development process.

In other words, it’s going beyond modding, you can put together some sprites, sounds, make some levels and package it.

Of course you can modify the code and add your own creative touch for new gameplay experiences.

So Project Boon is a game on its own, called ProBoon (to be released soon™), and a full system on top of UE4 that allows others to make their own games.

It’s aimed primarily towards sprite-based FPS, but it can be modified to have modern looking 3D experiences.

We’re getting a 90’s revival nowadays with many shooters being released this year and during the next one with the same features that made the old ones special and I want to keep that as the core value for Project Boon.

After some months into the development I started uploading videos to my Youtube channel, this is the latest one:
I just finished a basic “monster infighting” system, I will upload a video tomorrow and I’m going to keep posting updates.

If you’re interested in this project let me now, when I release the code this could serve as a “support thread”.

**TL;DR: **I’m making a Doom Clone with UE4, I’ll share the code and I’ll post updates here.

I recently launched a Patreon, if you want to support it click the link on my signature, thanks!

A video about the infighting system:
I’m going to stop adding or changing things.

I’m going to make a small demo with a bunch of maps.

Still working on the demo but I uploaded a short video with a small update:

More videos.

Improved explosions and a mini-nuke:

Footsteps, improved animations and basic patroling: