[WIP] Project Athena Presents ....

In the spirit of past games such as Wizardry, Shining in the darkness, and more recently Legend of Grimrock.

We give a nod to the past greats with our version of the dungeon crawler. the level as yet has not been “Unreal-ized” and is more of a proof of concept to help our team focus on what is possible for the unreal engine.

Our goal is a dungeon crawler that runs natively in Oculus VR. but is playable from desktop or tablet.
Just getting started so long road ahead! (not to mention a million questions for the community! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a small sample of what we hope to accomplish.

Feedback and Criticism is appreciated.

Very interesting Cannot wait to see more. I love Dungeon Crawlers :slight_smile:

Is it going to be turn based or real time?

Turned based, on a grid movement system. I hope for it to play alot like the Original wizardry proving grounds of the mad overlord and knight of diamonds. shining in the darkness.

updated environment background for added depth… played with lighting some… will flesh out castle more… walking patrols. windows… vegetation so far doesn’t exist but its coming :slight_smile: