WIP - procedural building generator

Hey guys,

just want to use thread to keep the people who are interested up to date about my procedural building generator:

here´s a small alpha vid…

The Basement and the 1st floor can be configured seperately. The levels above are determined by the same function, so the structure is the same.

After building you can selected every mesh and replace it with a mesh that is listed in your Design array, so you can change the building (if you want) to you hearts content after creating it.

Currently working on different roof functions and styles. You will be able to create rooms inside the building (block by block) if you want to. It might be possible to create something like a room designer, but this might be too much, since you need full control on the inside of a building.

I took some basic assets from me and some of the victorian street package from the marketplace. There is a section in the blueprint where you can pre define the mesh width, height, length and the pivot correction, so you dont have to bother with the question “is the length along the x- oder along the y-axis” , you can simply predefine and everything works fine.

I am also using a blueprint i call the “Mesh Designer” . With this i made the corners from the victorian street pack. I plan to create small pieces, with these pieces you can create your own window meshes, door meshes and so on, so you dont have to model everything in your 3d Software (especially nice for designers like me :wink: ).

One thing about this:

This ONLY! works with meshes that have the SAME size. I will post a detailed video how to setup and use this when i am done… Hope you like it anyway :wink:

See ya !