(WIP) Priest - A first person point and click puzzle game!

Hello everyone!
I have no background in game design and have zero education (well I did go a couple of CAD courses ten years ago so that’s why I chose 3DS Max as my modeling program because it was closest to AutoCAD that I used back then) but have always wanted to be a game designer. So about a year and a half ago I decided to make my dreams a reality! I set out learning modeling, unwrapping (may it forever burn in hell), texturing and UE4 with everything that means. No small undertaking I soon noticed!

For the past year I’ve been working on my own game, the marketplace has been of great help getting me up and running fast, but it is still a lot of work I have to do myself. But I feel like I have enough for a demo to show you people! :smiley:
Now it’s still a little buggy and while all the gameplay features are implemented only a small part of the story is, hence why it’s only a demo.


Here’s the download link:

So why don’t you try it out and then come here and give me your feedback! And don’t sugar coat it, I do not improve if I don’t get honest feedback!